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In July 2018, we pitched a six-part audio documentary series to Spotify that was different to all other football podcasts currently on the market. This spring, it won gold in the Narrative / Documentary category and silver in the Sport category at the NYF Radio Awards.

It’s called GIANT and the aim was to travel as far as necessary to take audio football docs to the next level. We’ve been to Lagos and LA, New York and Norway, as well as the deep souths of Holland, America, and London. 

At each and every turn, we spoke to the people that were there to bring these football stories that matter to life. We’ve asked people to remind us about the best, and worst, times of their lives to create a six part series that drills deep into some of the most impressive, important, and improbable happenings of the last 30 years. 

From horse farms in Alabama to football clubs near the arctic circle, we’ve been consistently blown away by what people have told us. We’ve danced on terraces,  legged it through customs, sang to the rafters and got continuously lost. Hopelessly, endlessly, lost. In cities and in towns, in emotions and memories. 

The critical reception has been incredible, with a glowing review in The Observer and endless positivity on social. If you haven’t listened yet, and you’re into rivalry, rebirth, and the original Ronaldo, then you’re in for a treat.


In January 2020, we were recommissioned for a second series - but were asked to re-conceptualise GIANT as a shorter weekly show running for 26 weeks. We delivered the slate of potential episodes in March - but as we were about to start production we had to rip this up completely because of COVID-19.

We moved quickly - came up with a new slate of episodes and set about an entirely different production process to the first series. Launching in August 2020 and running to February 2021 - we produced 26 weekly documentaries to the same standard as series one.

We've told little heard stories of greats like Maradona, Cruyff, and Zidane. Documented the inspirational Iqra Ismail and her journey to becoming the first ever captain of the Somalia women's team, tackled a true crime episode behind the Iron Curtain, and produced multi-story episodes on a single subject, from Penalties to Pele. 





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