Everything you could ever need to know about MUNDIAL but were afraid to ask.

Where can I buy a copy of MUNDIAL?
You can buy our latest issue direct from our online SHOP and we’ll post it straight to your door. Alternatively, you can pick up a copy from one of our lovely STOCKISTS using our interactive map to find one near you.

I ordered a magazine but it’s not turned up yet, where is it?
Could be in Seb’s garage, could be in a ditch, who knows? Best way of finding out is to contact rebecca@mundialstudio.com with your order information and we’ll look into it for you.

Where can I buy the magazine near me?
You can find a copy of the mag in person by using the interactive map on our STOCKISTS page.

I’d like to stock MUNDIAL magazine in my shop, how do I do that?
That’s good, thanks for that. If you drop an email to Josh on josh@mundialstudio.com he’ll be able to talk you through the process.

I'd like to advertise in MUNDIAL magazine, what's the deal?
That sounds like a good idea. Please contact mike@mundialstudio.com to discuss it.

I missed out on an older issue, can I still pick one up?
Unfortunately we rarely have back issues in stock and if we do come across some down the back of the sofa we’ll put them up on our SHOP. We’ll always mention it on our social media feeds so keep an eye on. Sometimes our network of stockists have copies of older issues in stock. You can find the shop closest to you on our STOCKISTS page and check with them directly.

Why should I subscribe?
The main reason is that you save a few quid off the cover price if you purchase a subscription with the bonus of it being delivered directly to your door rather than having to risk going outside. As a subscriber you’ll always be the first to know about our events, limited edition merchandise, decent brand partnerships and exclusive special offers. As an independent print magazine, subscriptions are also vital for us in terms of how we budget so it’s the best way to support us if you quite like the mag and what we’re about.

I want to subscribe, how does that work?
MUNDIAL is released quarterly, so an annual subscription will get you four copies of the magazine delivered straight to your door. You can purchase a subscription on our online SHOP. The issue your subscription will begin on is noted in the product description so make sure to check - you will receive that issue and the following three issues as soon as they release, before anyone else.

My subscription has ended, how do I get more MUNDIAL?
Keep an eye on your emails - we’ll always send a reminder email out to you when your subscription has ended (and more often than not, with a special discount to say thanks). If you have received the last issue of your subscription and not heard anything, drop an email to rebecca@mundialstudio.com and we’ll sort it out.

I’d like to buy a subscription as a gift, how do I do that?
That’s nice of you. You just need to go to our online SHOP, click on the ‘Gift Subscription’ option in the ‘Magazines’ section and all will be explained there. The recipient will get a year’s worth of MUNDIAL delivered to their door and we’ll send you a digital card you can send along to them. Or you could print it out for them, too.

How do I cancel my subscription?
That’s unfortunate. Send an email to rebecca@mundialstudio.com and we’ll sort it out.

I live in ‘X’, will you post to me?
If Royal Mail or a regular courier company deliver to you, we’ll send stuff out to you. If you want to be sure, send an email to rebecca@mundialstudio.com and we’ll look into it.

I’d like to write/draw/do things for MUNDIAL, how do I do that?
Have a look at our ABOUT page to look at our team and see who you think would be the most appropriate person to send your ideas to. Few lines about your pitch and a link to some previous work would be top.

X is sold out in the shop, will there be more?
Maybe - but if there is, we’ll update the SHOP and let everyone know via our social media channels.

Something’s not right with the merchandise I bought, what can I do?
If something isn’t right, we’ll try and sort it out. A lot of our merchandise is limited run so we’re often unable to offer size swaps/exchanges but we will do our best. Drop an email to rebecca@mundialstudio.com and we’ll see what we can do.

I'd like to come and do Work Experience with MUNDIAL
Wicked, please fill in this form and Josh will get back to you as soon as possible. We're not only looking for writers, so if you have any sort of media, marketing or design skills, apply within. Cheers. PLEASE NOTE, WE ONLY HAVE PLACEMENTS AVAILABLE FROM FEBRUARY 2019. UK-BASED ONLY.