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Football’s Other Guys was a countrywide competition, in which Harry’s aimed to rejuvenate the facilities of a grassroots club most deserving of a new changing room. 

The shaving brand Harry’s has long been one close to MUNDIAL’s heart. Their social mission, in which they set aside 1% of their sales to donate to charitable organisations that share their ambition to bring quality mental health care to men everywhere, alongside their close work with CALM—the Campaign Against Living Miserably—brought them to our attention, and it was a pleasure to help them make their first strides into grassroots football.

From the beginning of the campaign, we worked closely with Harry’s and their partner agency, on a consultancy basis on Football's Other Guys. We helped formulate the idea of the footballing everyman—football’s other guy—authentically and credibly. We organised focus groups, spoke candidly about our own experiences in the grassroots sector, and provided a bank of assets from which they could build their concept.

Across a digital campaign, social call-to-action, and flyposting outside some of the country’s biggest football stadia, Sporting Club de Mundial featured as the poster boys for grassroots and asked our fellow amateur teams to get in touch and to tell Harry’s why they deserved a new changing room.



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