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RYWYLF : Aah Hristo!

Owen Blackhurst, Seb White, Tommy Stewart and a returning James Bird are back to talk love, The Beatles, Seb’s mouth trumpet, powdered broccoli, padded seats and cells, Hristo Stoichkov, the Soviet Army Cup, Euro ‘92, USA ‘94, the Makita Tournament, Kappa kits, nicknames, a Ballon d’Or necklace, blouses, Steve Bull hats with horns, Supermarket Sweep, a hint of Burton, Logan Roy, Rodney Dangerfield, your Majorcas, your Marbellas, your Waddles, your Gascoignes, Andy Sinton, Trevor Steven, David Batty, David Platt, Michel Platini, Graham Taylor, John Jensen, Peter Beardsley, Barri’s badge, the Big Bash, ships in the night, enjoying the silence, spontaneous tattoos, sobriety, Shearer and Lineker, dinosaurs and Jesus, interchangeable names, puking to Pink Floyd, phone calls, mountain men, hill guys, the Italian Alps, interviewing your dad, Deliverance, Peter Knowles, nursing home chats, Mitre Deltas, and remember, please subscribe to the magazine so that we can keep doing the podcast!

RYWYLF: A Giant at the Cottage?

David Beckham, Juventus, Patrick Stewart, EURO 2024, Kevin De Bruyne, Harrison Ford, Jude Bellingham, Manchester United, Sam Smith and more.



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