RYWYLF : Zlatan the Dustbin – MUNDIAL
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RYWYLF : Zlatan the Dustbin

Austin FC, vintage Lacoste schmutter, supporting Newton Pride now, Kelvin Nunez, kick-ins, Tom Skinner, maidens, John of Wolves, nominative determinism, show and tell, London programme fairs, Johnny Rep, another incredible Nigeria shirt, Olympic Villages, Jay-Jay Okocha, Kangol berets, Hotel Mundial, alcoholic slush puppies, England cricket bucket hats, Ted Lasso being a joke that’s got out of hand, a lion who is a dustbin of a human being and why it’s good to leave reviews for a podcast you’ve really enjoyed. 

RYWYLF: Obafemi Martins Day

Nike, Phil Foden, David Bowie, Apple Music, Ebro in the Morning, Donald Trump, Anthony Gordon, Jake “The Snake” Roberts and more.

RYWYLF : Ooh, ah, Cantona

Noel Gallagher, Eric Cantona, The Beatles, Zinedine Zidane, Jimmy Anderson, Star Wars, the Champions League and more.



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