RYWYLF : Roll up, roll up! Introducing the MUNDIAL All-Stars – MUNDIAL
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RYWYLF : Roll up, roll up! Introducing the MUNDIAL All-Stars

In this episode, Owen Blackhurst, Seb White, James Bird, and Tommy Stewart celebrate the launch of the latest issue of MUNDIAL—a Cult Heroes special. They chat about the new magazine, Face Mashups, Trifon Ivanov, Through the Keyhole, Peter Brackley, Easter eggs, The Ogre, Dakota, Adel Taarabt, a QPR pick 'n’ mix, Terry Connor, roundabouts, The Hawthorns, roadkill, RIP Arthur Boyt, the European Golden Shoe, Mário Jardel, Sporting Lisbon, Porto, Benfica, going to the match with your daughter, travelling around West Africa, wanderlust, Donkey Lane, last-gasp winners, royal rumbles, hot wax, the great big dogspiracy and so much more.

RYWYLF: A Giant at the Cottage?

David Beckham, Juventus, Patrick Stewart, EURO 2024, Kevin De Bruyne, Harrison Ford, Jude Bellingham, Manchester United, Sam Smith and more.



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