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RYWYLF : Now That’s What I Call Reminding You Why You Love Football 2

Owen Blackhurst, Seb White, James Bird, and Tommy Stewart are taking a well-earned break. So this week, we’re taking another look back at the best bits of RYWYLF so far. Here’s the track listing.

Disc 1 - 101 Things to do in Football Before you Die

Seb on ‘Taking part in a good-natured pitch invasion’ from ‘Mr Testicles Wonder Emporium’ at 17:10 in Episode 23.

James on ‘Having your own football birthday party as an adult’ from ‘There Ain’t No Party Like A Tino Party’ at 15:44 in Episode 24.

Seb on ‘Getting your own football flag made’ from ‘Deepdale Unchained” at 21:24 in Episode 29.

Owen on ‘Having a completely unstructured kick about’ from ‘Welcome to the Bronze Age” at 15:00 in Episode 30.

Tommy on ‘Meeting your heroes’ from ‘The Life of Brian (Laudrup) at 21:02 in Episode 27.

Owen on ‘Flicking the V at the match’ from ‘Henri Camara Obscura’ at 15:31 in Episode 28.

Disc 2 - We Support These Now

1. We Support Jude Bellingham Now from ‘Those Midfield Men in their Flying Machines’ at 04:13 in Episode 8.

2. We support football fanzines now from ‘L’OM Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ at 09:35 in Episode 17.

If you enjoyed this ‘Best Of’, there’s plenty more in our extensive timeless back catalogue to enjoy. Don’t be afraid to leave a rating, review or mention the podcast on social media. Your support is very much appreciated.

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