RYWYLF : Mr Testicles Wonder Emporium – MUNDIAL
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RYWYLF : Mr Testicles Wonder Emporium

Owen Blackhurst, Seb White, James Bird, and Tommy Stewart catch up this week to talk about Cristian Fabbiani, Number 10s, Club Palestino, Shrek, Mean Machine, meandering around the Lake District,  “the worst miss of all time”, Diego Maradona the manager, face slaps at half-time, Héctor Bellerín disciples, starting your own chant, going method, The Haunted Lads, Ángel Di María, Abba, Blondie, Manchester United’s away support, Gooser’s back, humans being 80% water, Alastair Cook the cake stealer, Mr Testicles, Bobby Gavro, Roy Keane getting his anatomy wrong, Señor Testículos, the Hokey Cokey, coffees in the train station, Hotel MUNDIAL, The Pink Panther, Peter Drury, bedroom commentary, Spiritland, flat pop, one-match bans and checking your neck.

RYWYLF : Ooh, ah, Cantona

Noel Gallagher, Eric Cantona, The Beatles, Zinedine Zidane, Jimmy Anderson, Star Wars, the Champions League and more.



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