RYWYLF : John Hartson To Victory – MUNDIAL
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RYWYLF : John Hartson To Victory

Owen Blackhurst, Seb White, James Bird, and Tommy Stewart catch up this week to talk about
audio monsters, a few less swears, The Cartridge Family, Mexico v Portugal, El Mariachi, Chief Wiggam, ‘Do You Come Here Often?’, Rainy Miller, Mike Skinner, Big Bad John, Martin O’Neill, silencing Anfield, annus mirabilis, the Wolf button, chest control, Jerzey Dudek, meerkats, George Graham, wildlings, watching your team play abroad, airport pints, The Ibiza Cup, Royal Antwerp, The Yerevan 48, ON TO VICTORY!, Uncle Paul, Kermit the Frog, Portland Timbers, lumberjacks, Soccer Moses, football fines list, Dear England, Joseph Fiennes, Cafe Royal Books, the old juices, Chicken & Mushroom Pot Noodles and somehow so much more.

Seb’s Top Fives

Watch John Hartson’s iconic goal v Liverpool
Listen to the ‘The Birth of Major League Soccer’ episode of our award winning series GIANT
Tell us about you funniest European Away Day
Read the Wiki about the The Cartridge Family
Buy Issue 27 of MundialMag and see why we wouldn’t want to arm wrestle Johh Hartson


    RYWYLF: A Giant at the Cottage?

    David Beckham, Juventus, Patrick Stewart, EURO 2024, Kevin De Bruyne, Harrison Ford, Jude Bellingham, Manchester United, Sam Smith and more.



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