On the back of two hugely successful collaborative series with Ladbrokes, we were commissioned to create another set of original films telling the stories of fans across the country.

The #FootballStories series aimed to tell the tales of fans of clubs big and small, and highlights what makes each of them unique in a way that feels authentic and contemporary. Every club is a community club, every club is special to its fans: this series aimed to take you deeper than that, exploring the intrinsic connections between a team and a town, player and those who support them, while ensuring those stories resonate with football lovers the world over.


EPISODE 1: The Promised Land – Charlton Athletic


EPISODE 2: The Promised Land – Aston Villa


EPISODE 3: I Was There – Liverpool v Barcelona


EPISODE 4: Where We're From – Bristol City


EPISODE 5: This Might Be Our Year – Blackpool