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"MUNDIAL is a football magazine with just the right amount of football"

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MUNDIAL is a football magazine with just the right amount of football.

MUNDIAL magazine is released four times a year. The content is timeless. Cult heroes, weekends away, brilliant writing, forgotten goals, exceptional photography. From Sunday League and Sausage and Chips, to Champions League and iconic kits, we celebrate the game and the things around it that make people happy.

We tell stories that take time and care to put together, and because you’re paying for it, we want you to hold something special that looks wonderful, smells great, and allows you to put down the phone and immerse yourself in something beautiful.




“MUNDIAL joins the dots for football culture.”

These are the words of a happy subscriber in a recent reader survey - a subscriber who has had enough of the news cycle. There is a life away from VAR, away from pundits and their manufactured banter, away from the endless narrative of every moment of every game. MUNDIAL exists to remind you why you love football, and why you fell in love with it in the first place. Every page is a celebration of football culture told in a style that doesn’t talk down to or exclude you, this is an inclusive place for football fans to escape to.

Every issue we travel to different parts of the world to uncover real life football stories from the places that get forgotten about. Stories of people who go to extreme lengths to ensure that their team has survived, who understand the value of community, who make flags and sing songs and put up the nets and mow the grass. From the ultras in Scotland to the vicar in Wales, from grassroots coaches in Shropshire to Venice Beach FC in LA, from the signing section of San Lorenzo to watching a mock funeral at Rayo Vallecano, we are dedicated to finding global football magic and delivering it to your door.


When you get the kettle on and spend a bit of time on YouTube watching supercuts of goals and skills set to lively European house music, we know that you’re down a wormhole of Serie A strike pairings and journeyman midfielders. When you sit in the cafe or the pub or the park reminiscing about football with your mates, chances are you're talking about the players you had stickers and posters of. We’ve all done it, because who doesn’t love a cult hero?

The one club player who was limited but played like a fan, the long-haired left-back who made you want to grow your hair, the striker who moved like an articulated lorry but finished like a God. These are the players we all fell in love with at an impressionable age. MUNDIAL celebrates the Brazilian 10s and Argentine 9s, English 7s and Spanish 11s. Players called the warlock and the wolfman, the clogger and the ogre. Socks down and collars up, smoking in the showers and performing needless rabonas. MUNDIAL is the home of cult heroes.


PUMA King, Nike Tiempo, Copa Mundial (nice name for a magazine, that), Holland (H) 88, Umbro drill tops, Hummel tracksuits, those NASL kits with the mad collars, Marseille 91, that Juve pink one, all the Preds, Kappa and Barca, the magnificence of Sampdoria’s home shirt and Diego with Mars on his chest. Nigeria 1996 and Jamaica 2022, Wales Bonner and Martine Rose. Supernovas and Mercurial silver bullets. Adidas Tangos and Ciao the mascot.

MUNDIAL was born out of a love for short shorts and long sleeves. Programme design and architectural clean lines. The way a new kit or pair of boots makes you feel, the buzz when you see some familiar floodlights for the first time in the flesh. The aesthetic of football is important, and on every page of the magazine you’re getting a tribute to our childhood dreams, teenage obsessions, and adult passions. From the latest gear and stuff recommendations, to features on the people who design the game, MUNDIAL is a celebration of the things you desire.

"REPEATEDLY BRILLIANT" - The perfect gift to any football-obsessed friend or family member. Would (and have) recommended to anyone who’s into the beautiful game. Great stories that get under the skin of both the elite and grassroots game.

Harry B, MUNDIAL Mag Subscriber

"A COLLECTABLE ITEM" - These magazines really do remind me why I love football! Its a classic take on all things football and is so much better than scrolling through instagram. The quality of the pages alone are amazing and nothing beats that fresh new book smell! I believe that in years to come these will be worth a fortune and stands out as a true collectables item!

Billie D, MUNDIAL Mag Subscriber

"DELIVERY IS PRIME" - Speedy delivery, what a mag!

Daniel C, MUNDIAL Mag Subscriber

"PACKED WITH GOODNESS" - The magazine consistently makes me smile, brings back great memories or brings insight into a new corner of the sport.

Jake L, MUNDIAL Mag Subscriber

"THE THING I LOOK FORWARD TO" - I have never read another magazine, football-based or otherwise, that comes close to this quality.

Nick B, MUNDIAL Mag Subscriber

"ABSOLUTE GEM FOR CULT CLASSICS ENTHUSIASTS" - This publication is a treasure trove of in-depth articles, stunning visuals, and captivating stories. Every issue is a journey back in time, exploring the timeless appeal of stories on players we want to remember. The passion and dedication of the Mundial team shine through in every page, making it a must-have for anyone who cherishes the obscure, the offbeat, and the unforgettable.

Matt L, MUNDIAL Mag Subscriber

"UNREAL" - First time buyer, long time admirer. Finally took the plunge and do not regret it, it's worth subscribing for the paper smell alone!

Mike T, MUNDIAL Mag Subscriber

"KING OF FOOTBALL CULTURE" - Another absolute belter. Everything I love about football, and lots more. So glad I subscribed.

Colin P, MUNDIAL Mag Subscriber

"MY HAPPY PLACE" - I'm a new subscriber to MUNDIAL after being introduced through a friend. I downloaded the free Zidane issue to see what I was getting into before committing. The content is the best I've read on top of the value for money with the number of pages in the mag and the rapid delivery. I am a happy subscriber indeed!

Leo F, MUNDIAL Mag Subscriber

"NOSTALGIC FOOTBALLING EXCELLENCE" - This magazine brings back wonderful memories of the beautiful game, reminding me of past and present players I have forever idolised. I would recommend Mundial to any true football fan.

Sam T, MUNDIAL Mag Subscriber

"WORLD CLASS WRITING" - Quality is unreal, writing top class, it's a real work of art.

Jamie S, MUNDIAL Mag Subscriber



A 116-page feast of EURO Fever. Jude Bellingham and Marco van Basten, panenka’s and Albanians in London. Refugee footballers in Salento, Seb White on the beaches in Normandy, and searching for Kvaradona in Georgia. Clive Tyldesley, Francesco Totti, Raúl, Zizou, and the greatest football ad ever made.


Mad really that it’s taken us 29 issues and nearly a decade to dedicate an entire issue to kits, but some things are worth the wait.

We asked our favourite people, from Adam Devonshire to Jackson Irvine to Lee Trundle, to tell us all about the kits that meant the most to them. A smorgasbord of shirts, ready for you to devour.

Wimbledon founder Marc Jones took us into his laboratory to show us what it really took to design those Wimbledon beauties that had social media on fire.

There’s a dispatch from an undercover kit baron, a man who’s been trafficking fake shirts across borders, from Turin to Berlin to New Jersey.

You’ll also find Émile-Samory Fofana’s latest additions from his Champions League Koulikoro project from the frontlines in Mali.


It’s the ultimate antidote to winter. Sun, Samba, and a trio of Brazilians who made the game look effortlessly easy and did things that will live with us all forever. The Three Rs only played together 13 times, but when they did, they formed THE most joyous attacking trident in football history, and we’ve gone down a rabbit hole to find all the forgotten stories of the joy of the Three Rs including a night they absolutely leathered one of the great Argentina teams. We’ve also have asked some of our best writers to tell us about the attacks that bought them the most joy. Elsewhere in the issue, you’ll find…

- Benching with ballers - a forensic study of the gym personas of the great and good of football

- Black Eagles Fly - a brilliant long read about Besiktas, fan culture, and family

- Searching for Jay Jay - so nice they named him twice, a deep dive into the ultimate cult hero told by the fans who knew him best

- Seoul Patrol - a first hand guide to South Korean football culture (and food, lots of food)


It’s a cult heroes special! Featuring horse-riding strikers, Bulgarian wolfmen, a Brazilian bruiser, an actual Ogre and even a warlock. It’s time to meet the MUNDIAL All-Stars, a nostalgia powered trip into your childhood dreams (and nightmares).

Plus! Boots, kits, commentators, stadiums, managers, tracksuits and more!


Featuring the 75 coolest of all-time including Lev Yashin, Fabien Barthez, Big Nev, Alisson Becker, Meadow Soprano, a cartoon rat, and more.

Plus! One man’s nightmare in nets, a penalty-saving everyman, and a volley you will be gutted that you have forgotten about. 

Double Plus! India’s next superstar, Soviet Sunday League, Barcelona Femení, defunct teams, a trip to Poland, a terrifying giant, Leyton Orient, and the greatest article on Gheorghe Hagi you will ever read.


For Issue 25, we travelled the country to tell the incredible story of midweek footballers just like yourself. Expect stories of people who play ten times a week, people who only started to play last year, and 68-year-olds hosting games for people all over the world.

There’s a 10-page celebration of Luca Vialli, north African adventures with the planet’s Mount Olympus of ultras, the bizarre world of football superstitions, an English World Cup-winning captain you’ve never heard of, and some massive bulbs of fennel on Italy’s ankle.

Black Sabbath, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and assisting Pelé! Sunday League scraps! Les Ferdinand at Beşiktaş! Big volleys from Alex Rae! The trainers we'd like to see as boots! And loads more!


Issue 24 features the origin stories of some of the game’s most iconic players of the last 50 years. With each cover illustrated by Osvaldo Casanova, we’ve travelled the world to bring you our ‘Portraits of the Artist as a Young Man’ series… featuring longform pieces written to encapsulate the early chapters of Diego Maradona, R9, Lionel Messi, Erling Haaland, and Wayne Rooney.

Plus! There’s an amazing photo story from Boca Juniors via Bombonera’s Pancho Monti, an exploration of the game’s craziest teams through the Pakistani idea of ‘Tamasha’, a love letter to the rocky road of redemption for Notts County, and a piece on what it’s like to play over 100 years of Football Manager.

Double plus! The greatest Italia 90 collection of all time! Ghouls and geysers in Iceland! Sefton Park Rangers! Fernando Hierro! A dog called Kane! Some banging pork in Bogota! Crusty the Pie! And loads more!


Download a free copy of our Zinedine Zidane special!



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