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MUNDIAL - try us out for a fiver

We love our magazine you know, and if you've not read it before then you should really should have a bloody look. As it'll soon be Christmas (it won't, obviously, but someone said it to us IN JANUARY and we haven't stopped repeating it since) and we're really generous, we're offering you the chance to try us out for a fiver.
Five English Pounds. The old deep sea diver. We went over to New York to talk to Andrea Pirlo - not that we've banged on about it much - penned a lovely ode to Carlos Alberto and did lots of other things all because we bloody love football. It's funny. There are illustrations. And pictures. Beautiful, beautiful pictures.
No postage, no obligation - £5 and you get Pirlo's face to your door. What can you get for a fiver these days? Ok, loads of things, but none that look and smell as nice as Mundial.
Please note this is for UK shoppers only. Sorry.