“As with most things we do,” Alex Mertekis, our Art Director, said, “the crest began as a very large document with a lot of shite all over it. A closer look made us realise that in amongst the noise, however, were a handful of elements that really said what we wanted to about the club.⁣

“We wanted something that felt fresh and modern, while also feeding our urges to nod to the retro. With the Maltese Cross taken from the Hackney coat of arms, it’s got a hint of Hackney, a lot of MUNDIAL, and just enough Ajax to keep Bondy happy.”

Here it is on a tote bag. Do your shopping with it, take it to work, keep it forever.

  • Long handles (70cm)
  • Cross stitching on handles for more stability
  • 100% cotton 
  • Size: 38 x 42 cm