DIE MEISTER / DIE BESTEN / LES GRAAAANDES LES ÉQUIPES / THE CHAAAAAMPIONS. Here’s a Kappa sweatshirt with the iconic Champs League ball embroidered on the back, so now you can picture yourself flying through the air from a deflected Roberto Carlos cross at Hampden before being met with the sweeping Predator of Zinedine Zidane, connecting perfectly with your spine, sending you hurtling past a helpless Hans-Jörg Butt. That's what we all want to feel, isn't it?

The ball logo — created by designer Phil Clements in London — has a typically too-good-to-be-true origin. "UEFA were coming in to see designs," Clements told The Independent, "and I just tossed that one off at the last minute. I pinned it up without really telling anyone, and that's what they chose.

"[When the logo featured on the ball, as at the Bayer-Real final at Hampden] the boss of our agency didn't like it." added Clements. "He was quite old-school and said it looked too jazzy. I said to him it was perfect and we went with it. When the prototype got into a Uefa meeting, someone headed the ball out the window. There was a football match being played outside and the supporters were walking out..." The ball was never found.


Labelled as M


- Small mark on right shoulder