It’s the calm before the storm. It’s the chill before it all kicked off. This shirt is cold. The shades of blue in the frosted window motif are juxtaposed by the collar, the proper, heavy-duty crest, and old school adidas trefoil—all of which are absolute hellfire. 

The ‘SHARP’ logo on the front is smart and clean, and just the right colour. Shirt sponsors should be lawfully obliged to change the colour of their logo according to the shirt they appear on. They need to work in tandem. Teamwork is important: Fergie’d tell you that. Someone should tell Ole that. 

In 1992, it was heart and spirit, blood and thunder, chest hair and jinking runs. McClair and Sparky doing the business up top. Bruce, Pallister, and Irwin tanking about at the back. Giggsy and Kanchelskis flying up and down the wings. They were doing it all in this shirt.

Above all, though: just look at it. What a beautiful football shirt. That M.C. Escher-style print drawing the eye from its frame on your dining room wall. You have friends round for dinner—your mates, Daniel and Sarah, one of those nice Carhartt couples with fancy prams—and they halt their forks halfway to their mouths as they notice it. The shirt. In a Richie Aprille voice you say it: it’s the shirrrrt. You spend the evening discussing the dawning of the Premier League and watching old VHS videos of goalkeeping blunders, the dinner cold, the table long-abandoned. 

It’s going to significantly improve your life, this.


This item was sourced in collaboration with Hartex.



Pit to pit: 21" // Neck to hem: 26.5"

Wash on a cool wash only.