This sweater screams character at the top of its lungs, in a thick French accent. It was originally black but now has that worn-in, sophisticated off-black tint. There’s a little bit of wear in a perfect, almost intentional-looking line across the top of the shoulders, exactly where the sun would strike you if you’d spent the summer of ‘98 trekking across France, following the sounds of Dario G, revelling in the Carnaval de Paris. The previous owner of this piece of 100% cotton nostalgia clearly just flat refused to remove it for the entirety of the tournament, knowing that, one day, somebody would see it listed for sale on the “world-wide-web” and would be able to experience the immense joy of purchasing such an item. Clever, clever person.

One more thing to mention—it’s got the word ‘Sport’ written across the front of it in a typically loose, laid-back handwriting font that was all the rage on nineties sweaters. It’s written over a big rectangular 3M reflective stripe (that means one of those reflective stripes that makes it look like you’re exploding if someone takes a photo of you with the flash on—recommended), designed to get you back to your campsite on the outskirts of Nice without getting mowed down on the wrong side of the road.

Practical and stylish.

This item was sourced in collaboration with Hartex.


Pit to pit: 23.5" / Neck to hem: 23"


- Light sun bleaching across shoulders

- Light wear on 3M