Peter Schmeichelstein. That’s what we’re calling this top. It’s big, it’s green, it doesn’t understand its existence (nor do we), and it was almost certainly created by a mad scientist in Umbro’s design department. Electricity flying all over the place. Lightning striking a crooked tower, silhouetted against old Wembley floodlights. “BUILD ME A WIFE!” the shirt screams and pleads with Dr Schmeichelstein. But Dr Schmeichelstein never does. Just leaves it on the workbench. And now it’s here. In the MUNDIAL offices. Waiting for a new owner.

What we actually know about it: It’s from 1999, it’s the same template as Schmeichel’s jersey from Man United’s treble-winning season, and it seems to be some sort of FA Cup artefact.

It’s got Umbro sleeve detailing, synthetic mesh sleeve panels, and a technical zip collar. It also features the FA logo write at the base of the sternum.

It doesn’t make sense, but it’s brilliant. You can now own that Man United keeper shirt you always secretly thought was class, as a non-Man United fan, without having to sport their emblem. These opportunities don’t come around often.

Seriously though, if you have any answers for us about this, honestly, we’d love to hear them.

This item was sourced in collaboration with Hartex.


Pit to pit: 25" / Neck to hem: 29.5"