This curious piece of footballing flotsam comes to us via a man who decided to do some shopping when he was absolutely off his dish in Croatia. Some of the items we sell through Mercato di Mundial might well be owned by other people—there are probably a few Antti Niemi mega-fans in the world who occasionally chuck on an early-noughties Southampton GK jersey, for example – but if you try to tell us you are in possession of, and regularly use, a World Cup ‘98 England squad mousemat, we’ll call you a liar.

Have a look at the line-up:
(Top) Southgate, Seaman, Ince, Gascoigne, Shearer ©, Lee.
(Bottom) Campbell, Sheringham, G. Neville, Le Saux, Beckham.

Becks in a pair of Predator Touch—the precursor to the Accelerator; David Seaman standing not quite in the right place—a sign of things to come in 2002 when Ronaldinho definitely meant to score that free kick; all against a background of what appears to be a giant game of ‘Guess Who?’

Fantastic. Just fantastic.