Not adidas. Not adidas Originals. adidas Equipment. There it is, dead centre, below the V-neck. A short-lived foray into football for the meanest looking logo in sportswear.

A sublimated three-stripe motif on a light red jersey that had Kopite traditionalists squirming—“It should be, at least a shade darker, and since when do we have green on the home shirt?!”—It’s adidas Equipment green, you see. But they’re not listening. They’re still angry about Torben Piechnik.

It’s 1993 until 1995, and once Souness is out the door, things start to look up for Liverpool. Roy Evans in charge, after waiting in the wings for a quarter of a century, an exciting set of young players, Ian Rush, Robbie Fowler, and some assorted tripe that willdo a job on their day.

They won the Coca Cola Cup in this. Steve McManaman got Man of the Match, and it looked like the dozing giant may be coming back around. They weren’t, of course, not yet. Not really. There was much more sadness on the horizon. However, the stripes. They were nice, weren’t they. The go-faster stripes. They provided momentary hope.


Pit to pit: 22.5" // Neck to hem: 25.5"