Issue 20 is here and dripping with all of the things that we, and you, love about football. From shirts that make your eyes pop and goals that make your stomach drop to textured writing, brilliant photography, and a bucket-full of stories that you can’t wait to tell your mates down the pub, it’s another issue put together by people who can’t stop thinking about football. 

We know that’s you too.

Inside Issue 20 you’ll find:

- Sadio Mané, Sadio Mané, Sadio Mané... Liverpool! Champions League winner, Ballon d’Or nominee, son of an Imam in a remote village in Senegal: Editor-in-Chief Dan Sandison sits down with Sadio to discuss everything from leaving home as a teenager to lifting the Champions League trophy.

- Suriname has given the world the joys of Gullit, Rijkaard, Seedorf. It’s given us Panna—a game based around the joy of putting the ball through someone’s legs. But what do we know of Suriname? James Bird heads to Amsterdam to explore its influence.

- Imagine your headmaster had refereed at the World Cup, or Wembley, or in the San Paolo. Andrew Martin’s did, so he heads to the North East for a cuppa and a chat with Mr Courtney.

- Walking Football isn’t just a walk in the park. It’s difficult, joyful, engaging, and Seb White heads to a game to put himself through his paces.

- There’s swazz, there’s the origins of the J.League, there’s a trip to Lisbon, there’s photos from a completely nuts Ultra’s wedding in Livorno, there’s Lee Trundle, Emanuel Pogatetz, Zinedine Zidane, and loads loads more.


Due to Covid-related postage issues, we are now limited to sending out magazines once a week. These will be sent every Thursday