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We've done 21 covers for The World Cup. You can see them all in that gallery of images under the Gazza one, or above it if you're on your phone. You can read why we've done it below and you can choose which one you want on that drop down menu right there. These ship early June. We're very excited and you should be too.

What is it that really makes The World Cup special? Of course, it’s goals and kits and tears and toe-pokes, but above all of that, it is memories. Every football fan will have watched a World Cup at an impressionable age and fallen head over heels in love with the greatest sporting event on the planet. So that’s what our 48 page sun-drenched special is about. It’s our staff, writers, illustrators, photographers, and friends remembering those moments. Taking themselves back to the pubs, sofas, living rooms, and all of the other places they were when THAT thing happened.

So because those moments mean so much to people, we’ve gone absolutely mad and done a cover for each. 21 to be exact. Plus that Bobby Robson subscriber cover and a limited edition Raheem Sterling cover to go with James Bird’s incredible interview with the man the tabloids hate but we love. We’ve also got Ronaldo, Del Piero and Petit talking about winning the bloody thing and beautiful illustrations of the greatest international shirts.

At 148 pages, it’s also our biggest ever issue, and although we love The World Cup, there's plenty of other stuff in it so you’ve got something to read after the tournament has finished and effigies of Gareth Southgate are being passed around Premier league grounds.

We’ve gone to Buenos Aires and Vietnam, looked at what makes a great stadium, we’ve got Submarine writer Joe Dunthorne talking about his sister and embellishing his goals, the genius behind the Mangal 2 Twitter account writing about love, death, his cousin, and Arsenal, we spent 24 hours with Brøndby, the back section is full of banging fashion features and the front section crackles with the usual mix of madness, nostalgia and joy.

It’s our fourth birthday issue. It’s our biggest yet. It's our best yet. And we think you’ll fucking love it.

Thanks again. You’ve made this possible.