Johan Cruyff grew up in the working-class district of Betondorp, East Amsterdam, within earshot of Ajax’s old De Meer Stadion. He idolised Faas Wilkes, an enigmatic dribbler from Rotterdam who became one of the first Dutch players to play abroad when he signed for Internazionale in 1949 when Cruyff was a twelve-year-old.

Cruyff carried that spirit of adventure with him when he went to Barcelona, first to play, then to manage, reinventing how (and why) the club played the way they did. In his wake, he created a model that would be held up as an example to all others.

You knew all that, of course. A man of principle, the manager also took upon himself the cause of Catalan independence. “It is better to fall with your ideas than someone else’s,” he once said. He called his son ‘Jordi’ after the patron saint of Catalunya, a name which was banned by Spanish registrars, and managed the region’s ‘national’ side, perennially thumbing a nose at the Spanish establishment. Maybe you knew that bit, too, but it’s still a good story, innit?

His story captivates the ethos of Sporting Club de Mundial, with a focus on winning in style and promoting talent from the local community. This shirt is an official collaboration with Cruyff, the brand inspired by the man, made from 100% cotton, with colours inspired by the Senyera, the flag of Catalunya, and features our embroidered heritage SCdM crest.

Make sure you look after it, wash it on 30.


S Pit to Pit: 42" // Shoulder to Hem: 27.5"
M Pit to Pit: 43" // Shoulder to Hem: 28.5"
L Pit to Pit: 44" // Shoulder to Hem: 29.5"
XL Pit to Pit: 46" // Shoulder to Hem: 30"
XXL Pit to Pit: 48" // Shoulder to Hem: 31"


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