Why does this exist? That’s what you’re thinking. Your curiosity is justified. We’ve done some research to save you the trouble, leading us down a pretty deep rabbit hole, and here is a condensed version of our findings:

From 1992 to 1995, Jorginho (not that one), a Brazilian, played right back for Bayern Munich. He won the 1989 Copa América, the 1994 World Cup, became a born-again Christian alongside Cláudio Taffarel, and featured in a film simply called Jesus that was distributed during the 1998 World Cup. This friendship — or ‘FREUNDSCHAFT’ scarf — was the result of what can only be described as a World Cup fever dream in honour of Jorginho and Brazil’s success.

The scarf features Bayern and Brazil’s respective colours and emblems at either end of it, blurring into each other and meeting in the middle with a handshake. A properly obscure and very specific piece of footballing history that is both neck-warming and, reasonably, heartwarming.

This item was sourced in collaboration with Hartex.