“It’s an Angola training top.”


“From 2009 I think, but can’t be sure.”

That’s exciting, isn’t it. Shouldn’t be, but it is. It might be from 2006, when their Golden Generation got to the World Cup, and the coach called Jose Mourinho for advice on picking his squad. Maybe it isn’t, but what if it is? What then. Think of the journey it has been on since. Maybe it started as one of the player’s. Maybe it was in actual Germany in 2006, popping down to Baden Baden, seeing the WAGS shopping for wedges and sipping wine and causing a right old tabloid kerfuffle.

What happened to it after that? Maybe it got left behind, discarded, and some proto football steez geez from Gelsenkircken got hold of it and wore it to 5-a-side. Lost it in a bet. Years at the bottom of a cupboard, gathering dust, repelling moths before, by chance, our mate Hartex sourced it in a charity shop in Bonn.

Might just be from 2009, like. But it’s still a banger.


Labelled as XXL, fits more like an XL