Words: Ludovico Romagnoli 
Images: Twitter / Valencia CF

Imagine being a Valencia PR manager and getting a letter from DC Comics. From the creators of Batman. The superhero who shares the same symbol as the club of your dreams. Like a little kid, your trembling hands opening the envelope.

Unfortunately, however, they’re threatening to sue you. Fantastic.

Following Valencia’s release of their new 100th-anniversary logo this week, DC has filed a formal complaint to the European Union Office of Intellectual Property. Bit of a buzz-kill, that. The comic book giant claims the Bats’ new logo is too similar to that of the Caped Crusader’s legendary symbol. Valencia is having none of it though, as the club is assuring fans that they won’t change their identity just because DC Comics says so. They claim no brand has “exclusive rights to bats”. Fair play.

A Valencia director also told El Confidencial that “when this club started playing with a bat on their chest, they were still chasing bison in America.” Bit of a weird thing to say but you get what they mean.

DC Comics’ complaints might be mainly due to the size of Valencia’s centenary celebration, their anniversary logo featuring a cool, orange art deco-styled bat, and the repercussions this may have in the media. You get where DC are coming from, but specialists in IP matters are confident that it is impossible for the bat to disappear from Valencia’s image.

Gorgeous, isn’t it? 1919–2019–Infinity. That’s how much the bat means to the city and the club. The theory explaining the flying mammals importance to Valencia comes from 13th century when King James I of Aragon was about to retake the city from the Moors. A bat landed on the top of his flag as his army was about to advance. The King interpreted it as a good sign and rightly so, as that day the Kingdom of Valencia would be founded. It’s an eternal sign of good news and Valencian identity.

It’s easy to see, however, how the logo could be mistaken for the next Dark Knight teaser. We wouldn’t mind, to be honest. Bruce Wayne on holiday in the Valencian coast. Valencia v Levante. The derby on a warm afternoon in May. But it just couldn’t be that easy for Brucey. Killer Croc shows up in the 56th minute as Dani Parejo walks up to a free kick. It’s up to the Senyera-sporting Batman to save Mestalla.

Make it happen, DC. Put your ego aside and make it happen.

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It’s ridiculous… but Valencia tried suing DC first over copyright infringement of the bat icon in back in 2014

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