Words: Sam Diss

We still remember when that Umbro Pro Training gear first dropped. God, those were good days. And the Double Diamond’s penchant for retro footy attire continues apace with this cracking collab with Swedish streetwear brand SWEET SKTBS.

You can pronounce that ‘Sweet Skateboards’, don’t worry, and the collection marries skate and football in surprisingly subtle matrimony that’ll be perfect for the long crossfade into summer this year. Yes, the skate “trend” isn’t going anywhere, but this selection is Actually Good and Actually Wearable.

Each item is tastefully vintage, without tipping over parody, striking a chord as clobber that actually represents the era it references without presenting it as this technicolour wavy garm nightmare. Yeah, there were lurid shell suits and eye-bleeding patterns back in the day (whichever day that was), but that doesn’t mean that a more muted palette wasn’t sometimes on offer. You can’t wear cerise every day, can you? Sometimes you just need to go the shops.

The collection has a few standouts, with the black and white striped hooded rain jacket with embroidered crest, the cut-and-shunt quarter panelled trackie top, and reversible coach jacket (that back detailing, woof) the pick of the bunch. Plus anything with that Umbro ticker tape along the arms gets our vote.

The full collection will drop across Europe from February 27