Words: Jack Morrison
Images: Stone Island

It’s bloody happened again.

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, or maybe you hadn’t thought that, but: Stone Island have announced a new fabric, and it might be their best yet. A ‘printed heat reactive thermosensitive’ number. It’ll have you looking like a Bionicle who has wandered into a game of Apex Legends, but do you really care? You know it looks good. It looks good in the pub, it looks good at the football, and most important of all you’ll be safe if we ever have an alien invasion. And that is important. Stone Island pride themselves on being the cutting-edge of garment design, and they rarely disappoint. Unless you’re an alien.

According to Stone Island, this season’s camouflage is ‘digitally elaborated to create an optical illusion at a distance, emphasised by the printed Heat Reactive fabric’. In other words, depending on distance and temperature it’ll look completely different. Created in a cotton ripstop, and printed with three colours that react to temperature changes, it is constantly morphing. So far, they’ve revealed a jacket, a parka, and a pair of trousers, but you can be sure there’s more on the way. Serious gear.

Oh, and the logo on the badge is white. A really nice white, if you needed another reason to want to buy it.

The thermosensitive stuff is available to purchase here, and the rest of what is an incredibly nice collection is here

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