Hackney Marshes is the home of a million stories. Some of them you’ve heard of. Like Ian Wright scoring shitloads of goals there in the 80s before elbowing and grafting his way into the league system. Some of them you might not have. Like the Knights Templar owning the place, or King Alfred draining it in 895 AD to strand an invading Viking fleet. Lots of stories. Now, we’re ready to make some of our own.

We’ve started a football club.

Focussing on community and making people fall in love with football again, Sporting Club de Mundial will be the representation of what makes football so special to us and it’ll happen every Sunday morning down the Marshes.

With 88 pitches and about 100 matches on your average Sunday, well over 2000 people dedicate their time on the Lord’s Day to running about on one of our favourite places in London. It’s hard not to feel inspired.

We’ve got a quality men’s team and are introducing a women’s team to play just up the road at Mabley Green, and we’re even getting you lot back in the game, too. Has there ever been a better time to dive back into football?

Every Wednesday, our community sessions give you top-notch facilities and training in a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere. It doesn’t matter if you had trials when you were younger, are nursing sore knee cartilage, or you haven’t kicked a ball since school—all are welcome.

Because that’s what’s best about football, it’s for everyone. And that can get subverted into maudlin shite by people trying to flog you cakes and crisps and questionable digital tickettout services, but we mean it. The amateur 11-a-side game has gone unloved and underappreciated for too long. We want to set that straight.

We realised we missed it, and we’re not alone. From the ex-Academy boys in our team to those of us carrying a little extra timber from a summer of excess, it’s good to be back.

If you’re London-adjacent, ace: come watch us play. But if you’re not, we hope you see what’s happening here and get inspired to do your own thing. Get the boots out the cupboard and find a pair of shorts that still fit, and get back out there, mate. Go enjoy yourself.

Head Coach, Alan Bond

"It’s a big opportunity, Sporting Club de Mundial. Not just for me, but for everyone involved and anyone that wants to be a part of a growing football club. I have a very clear vision and am motivated by a legacy that we can work towards.

"Carrying the values of MUNDIAL, the aim of the club is for it to become something that kids can aspire to be part of on the field, but also through the opportunities we want to create off it. Football doesn’t have to be all about making it as a professional. Hackney is a genuine hotbed of football, and we’ve assembled an extremely talented group of players.

"I hope you all enjoy following the club’s journey."

Men's Team

Our men’s first team play every Sunday on Hackney Marshes, in the Hackney and Leyton Premier League. Keep a close eye on our social channels for fixture announcements and pop down if you can, our playing, coaching, and editorial teams will be there every week. Might even nip to the pub after. Come say hello.

Women's Team

Our women’s team train every Tuesday evening at Mabley Green, just a big goal kick away from Hackney Marshes. We’ll be starting our league campaign there too, joining the Super 5 League in January 2020. If you, or someone you know, wanna get involved, please get in touch with Alan.

Community Training

This one’s open to everyone. Can’t stress that enough. Men and women, those with a decent first touch and those who can trap it further than they can kick it. We play every Wednesday evening in Haggerston Park. 7:30–9pm. Reminding you why you love football, one sensible sideways pass at a time. Decent 4G surface, nice bibs, and a friendly atmosphere. Nobody kicking lumps.

The Preseason Kit

Our preseason kit is inspired by the Umbro training gear worn by players at the Football Association School of Excellence programme at Lilleshall Hall training centre between 1984 and 1999.

We'd love you to get involved with Sporting Club de Mundial. If you'd like to, in any way, get in touch with alan at mundialstudio dot com.