Words: Josh Millar 
Image: Offside Sports Photography

Football is brilliant. It can make you jump out your chair, fall all over your mates, chuck your beer, scream in someone’s ear till they go deaf, or just cry. But sometimes, there are footballers that are so brilliant, so extraordinary, so different from the rest, that they make you do all of that, and then just laugh at how ridiculous they are.

Take this video of Ronaldowho we have a lovely long read on here by the wayhe spends six minutes ripping people to shreds with the simplest touches. Six minutes where he removes the souls of defenders and leaves them empty, broken, and probably contemplating retirement.

So if you’re having a bad day, are hungover and fancy an extended trip to the toilet, or just want six minutes away from the general drudgery, here you go. We’ve got you covered.

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