Words: Ludo Romagnoli

The Nike Total 90 Laser made us feel like Wayne Rooney or Fernando Torres. Like we were among the best players in the world. Those brilliant carbon and gold boots were like nothing we’d seen before, with a sweet spot that made scoring wonderful volleys so easy. Not for us, obviously. Most of ours ended up in the next door neighbour's garden, but you’ve got to dream, right?

Known as the boots for ultimate accuracy and powerful shooting, they return with all the iconic features that made us fall in love with them in the first place. The precision rings are back emblazoned with that wonderful number 90 that defined a generation.

And there is that fantastic off-centre lacing system of the original that made you feel a million dollars when you stared down at it on a cold Sunday morning in suburbia, and that skeleton foot graphic is back on the soleplate. It’s magic.

These beauties are available in the legendary Zest colourway: a perfect partnership between black and yellow, like a warning sign driving down the wing that says “I’m going to rinse you mate”.

With only 2000 pairs released, they’re going to be hard to get hold of, but it’s great to see Nike dip into its archive and bring back classics we loved growing up. More please.

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