Words: Josh Millar 
Images: Twitter / Google

Nacional Potosí fans will be walking around in a daze for days after their team lost to Venezuelan team Zulia 1–0 in the Copa Sudamericana despite having 54 shots on goal. It’s happened to all of us while playing Football Manager, and now this gaming nightmare has come to life for the Bolivian top-flight team. They won’t get over this for a while; it would be enough to close down your save forever on FM.

The stats from the match are nothing short of extraordinary: although Potosí had 54 shots, only 15 tested 40-year-old Zulia keeper Leonardo Morales. He’s been playing football since 1998. Nineteen. Ninety. Eight. Think about that. Potosí dominated the match with 80% possession, the equivalent of having the ball for 72 minutes of the full 90 and completing five times as many passes as Zulia. Madness.

And to add a massive insult to it all, the Venezuelans scored their goal in the 92nd minute with only their second shot on target. All that ball and all those passes for nothing: the biggest smash and grab maybe ever.

Was it down to pure luck? Or are Zulia Tony Pulis’ 2008 Stoke City team come back to life in Venezuela? The second leg is later this month. We’ll be watching. Smash. Grab. Thank you.

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