Words: Josh Millar 
Images: Offside Sports Photography (Main) / Reddit (Body)

We all know Lionel Messi is from a different planet.

But here is a graph, posted by Reddit user u/ghostdog1905, that shows that he is ab-so-lutely miles ahead of everyone else in La Liga in 2018/19.

With 29 goals and 12 assists already this season, Messi has proven that he doesn’t need any competition from other superstars; he’s just going to score loads of goals anyway. His closest competition comes in the form of teammate Luis Suárez, who has 18. Ridiculously, five of the Uruguayan’s six assists have been to set up Messi, although Messi hasn’t returned the favour quite as often.

In the lad you want on your team at fives but don’t want a pint with afterwards category is Girona forward Cristhian Stuani on the far left with his excellent record of 16 goals, zero assists. Cristhian. Doesn’t. Pass, while your top assist makers are Jony, and Pablo Sarabia of Alavés and Sevilla respectively.

Real Madrid’s season hasn’t been great so far, and that’s proven with the majority of their big hitters being stuck in the mishmash of players at the bottom left of the graph. Gareth Bale has not had a good time this campaign.

They say you can prove anything with stats, and here is proof that Lionel Messi is a literal alien, let’s enjoy him while we still can.

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Messi is the world best ever

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