Words: Josh Millar 
Images: Mark Robinson / ePremier League

The ePremier League is a UK-wide tournament pitting all 20 PL clubs against each other through the medium of FIFA. The finals are held over two days at the Gfinity Arena in Fulham, where 40 of the best (20 PS4, 20 Xbox One) players face off against each other.

As the most unpopular FIFA player in the office (sit deep, long ball, hoooooooof), I was sent to get tips from the experts. Over a couple of games, I spoke to Connor ‘iBattle Cat’ Keys (Man City, Xbox One), Torin ‘The Turin27’ Page (Wolves, PS4), Jordan ‘Croftyboy925’ Croft, and Thomas ‘Painter97’ Painter (Both Huddersfield). They offered their best tips to get better at FIFA.


“Whether you’re good at FIFA, whether you’re not good at FIFA, you’re always at a certain level. So you can always challenge yourself better and better and better, and how I did it myself was by playing better players than me. However, once I gradually practised, got better and stuff, I overtook them, and now I can beat them. So all I would say is keep playing and just learn from players that are better than you.”—iBattle Cat

It sounds simple, but the only way you’re going to learn is by getting beaten over and over and over again. It’ll make you feel sad, but it’s good for you, like drinking cod liver oil.


“Keep to your own style. You can copy little bits off other people but do what works for yourself. Everyone’s got things that they’re better or worse at, so try and work on your weaknesses and copy somebody else’s style.”—Painter97

Whether it’s hoofing it long to some battering rams up front, keeping the ball for the majority of the match, counterattacking through the middle, what’s important is that you don’t have to adapt to who you’re playing.


 “La Croqueta. It’s so overpowered; it’s very hard to tackle. Unless you’re very good at defending they’re going to get past you; it’s very hard to defend.”—The Turin27

“La Croqueta. It’s for four-star skillers, and it’s a little Iniesta move, it’s a very nice skill.”—iBattle Cat

“La Croqueta. Once you get in the box if you just do one and then shoot straight afterwards, it’s really hard for the defender to get there and people don’t usually have enough time to move the goalkeeper.”—Painter97

No, not the French toastie with the egg on it. Andrés Iniesta’s La Croqueta can only be used by people with four-star skill moves but is generally used to absolutely decimate your opponent. Connor Keys kept doing it to me and it works, and makes people feel stupid, which is part of the point of FIFA isn’t it? If you’re on PS4, hold L1 and hold the right stick in the direction you want to go into, on Xbox, hold LB and hold the right stick left or right. Easy.


“Yeah, I’m good at greening it. I only do it if I need to do it.”—The Turin27

“If you can go in the skill games you can practice your green finishing. It’s just you and the goalkeeper so no defenders. You literally just practice it there, even if you’ve just got a spare ten minutes or something. That’s what I do sometimes when I don’t have time to play a full game.”—Painter97

Button-bashers beware, if you press shoot too many times in a row then a little red light comes on above your player’s head. That means you have not timed your shot, and that you have absolutely ruined it for yourself. You press shoot once, then just as your player is about to kick it, press shoot again. Big green light comes on; you’ve smashed it in, or at least got it on target. Well done you.



“100% move the keeper. You pick a side, and if he scores, he scores—because he’s one on one.”—The Turin27

“So if someone is running down the wing you can bring him out and try and catch the cross. You can literally move him as far as you want; he’s like another player now.”—Painter97

I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t the Triangle/Y button enough anymore? No, it’s not. Hold down the right stick, and you can manually move your keeper. I went home to try it against my flatmate, and it worked at least once, so there.


“He’s the best player on the game by a mile. If he’s not on your team you’re probably going to lose, he gets his head on everything, he’s amazing.”—Croftyboy925

Connor, Torin, Jordan, and Thomas were speaking as they competed in the inaugural ePremier League final. To watch the action live and see the twenty Premier League clubs going head-to-head on FIFA 19, tune into Sky Sports the EA SPORTS FIFA Twitch channel:

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