Words: Josh Millar

COPA really know how to make incredible retro shirts.

Their latest collaboration with Sampdoria is a celebration of the Italian club’s rich heritage, featuring reproductions of iconic shirts from their formation to the present day. Although Samp hasn’t been the country’s most successful team over the years, their kits are some of the most recognisable across the world.

The two that immediately leap out are the home and away shirts from the club’s 91–92 season, which culminated in their European Cup Final loss at Wembley to Barça. The shirt deserved better. The away top is the exact same design as the one from that game, even down to the commemorative inscription below the badge.

Other standouts include the 1956–57 inspired long sleeve with a high retro collar, and a Samp T-shirt featuring the classic profile of Baciccia the sailor in a small detail on the front. One of the best parts of the collection is the ‘My First Sampdoria Shirt’ in children’s sizes, with the whole thing being made complete by a track jacket.

Sampdoria fans call their shirt ‘La maglia più bella del mondo’—the most beautiful shirt in the world. And if it’s good enough for them...

The Sampdoria retro collection can be found online on, in the COPA flagship store in Amsterdam, in the official club fan stores, and via selected resellers.

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