Words: Jack Morrison, Dan Sandison, and James Bird 
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Brendan Rodgers has gone to Leicester, then. He’s won the double treble, gone invincible and packed his bags. To be fair, the Green Brigade saw it coming: ‘Back Rodgers or lose him’ the banners said. But the board didn’t listen. Failing to bankroll his European ambitions has robbed the SPFL of a great manager. But fear not Leicester fans, we’ve asked a few of the Celtic and Liverpool faithful, and a couple of others, what you can expect from Brendan Rodgers.



You Will Drink The Kool-Aid

He’s mad, Brendan. Pure panto. Peak Brent with a dash of Partridge. But when you’re winning, and he will get you winning, you’ll buy into it all. He’s your lunatic now, and you’re ready to move to Waco, you’re ready to have his children, and it’s the FBI that don’t understand. He’ll have you thinking you’re going to win the league, and you’ll be telling your mates that you’re thinking about getting your teeth done as well. He says enough of the right things, the things that make fans all dewy-eyed and sentimental, that you start to believe the mad shit. Strap in; it’s fun while it lasts.

When it ends in tears though, and it will end in tears, and the FBI burst in and wrap you in a blanket and ask why you have tried to beat Crystal Palace 7–0 away from home, you’ll take years to get over it.

There’s Only One Brendan Rodgers

Steven Gerrard on the bench at The Bernabéu? Not a problem, son. He’s part of “the group” now. You can stick your medals and your talismanic performances, my mate. Why don’t you show some “character” and hand out the Lucozades? Nobody is bigger than the club, absolutely nobody. Nobody except Brendan.

A Real Pick n Mix of Signings

At Liverpool, Brendan bought 33 players for £296,550,000. A proper pick n mix of lemon sherbets, fizzy cola bottles, and those naff foam eggs. Some corkers, some not such corkers. For every Ricky Lambert, there’s a Roberto Firmino popping out from somewhere. You even out your Coutinhos with your Bentekes. Your Markovićs and Milners and Sakhos all come in the same paper bag. There’s very few sensible, pragmatic signings. It’s a roster of cult classics. Freaky dudes. Players you’ll learn to love and love and always be excited to watch get near a football. Brendan brought Balotelli to Liverpool. Anyone who allows you to watch Mario Balotellimore often should be given a chance. Leicester are about to become very fun to watch.


Limited Success (for a bit)

Unfortunately, they can’t expect ten league titles. He was supposed to be at the Hoops for ten in a row. Except he’s not. He’s off to battle for a Europa League spot. Against sky-high expectations and a squad that may not be up to the job. It’s alright though; he’ll be shouting from the sidelines like a madman. Your dad will be pleased, he’s seen Emery doing it, and he looks like he knows what he’s doing.  

He'll Do Something Completely Mad


But He Will Give Youth a Chance

To be fair to the lad, he has got the next generation playing well at Parkhead. Under Brendan, Tierney has flourished, and there’s definitely a few Bhoys out there worried that Weah might go with him. He’s good at doing well with what he’s got. Celtic Park Events better change their introductory video asap though, not sure Brendan talking about growing up as a Celtic fan is what you want to hear before you walk through Paradise.  

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Tony Gorton
Love this article…sums Rodgers up to a tee!

With Rodgers entertainment is guaranteed…albeit sometimes not intentional!
Keep up the great work guys!
I’m sure that Leicester fans hope that Brendan can too!

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