Football is best when you’re a kid. Muddied scabby knees and shooting drills and your dad yelling at you to stop whinging and move the ball QUICKER. Actually, maybe it’s quite similar. Exactly the same, perhaps. Anyway, youth football is all over for us now—we have a pair of sweaty shin pads where our lungs used to be—but our mates at Moor Mead U10s have got it all ahead of them. And, the guys at Kitlocker have just sorted them out with an absolute banger of a kit for this season. Look, we’re the sponsors too.

We nipped down to their training session on Saturday morning to get a bunch of pics of the boys and girls playing in their new kit. They were good. All one-touch, drop a shoulder, give and go. Better than us, we reckon, and their celebration back-catalogue features big iterations on Kylian, Dele, Paul, and Antoine. 

The kit itself features a Mike Wazowski green shirt, alongside black shorts and black socks. It’s all Nike, all bold and all fun. And, if you keep your eyes peeled, there might be another layer of kit coming out in the coming weeks. Keep them very peeled.

Big thanks to Kitlocker for supplying the kits, and to the guys at Moor Mead for the hospitality on a very warm, West London, October morning.

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