You have a lot of football gear, don’t you? An unnecessary amount actually, you’ve been shouted at loads cos your trainers are taking up too much space in the corridor. You’ve got seven boot bags in your room, why have you got so many? It doesn’t matter anyway, cos you’re gonna throw it all away to make room for literally all of this.

Real Bristol F.C. are back with another collection courtesy of SOPHNET. Based in Tokyo, the fictional football club has collaborated with big name brands including Casio, Nike, and New Era since its inception, and now it’s here. With a very futuristic feel, the new release for Real Bristol F.C. combines your favourite aspects of streetwear with football, makes it feel cool and then Action Men model it. That’s not a dig, we’re absolutely 100% here for it. Blending off-the-pitch pieces with wearable football kits, the AW18 Lookbook from SOPHNET is everything you didn’t even know you needed, and now suddenly realise you do.

Within the drop, there’s a strong combination of low-key, subtle options as well as slightly louder and more unusual colourways. It’s not often you see a mix of purple, neon green, magenta, orange, and an aqua blue across an array of long-sleeves, jackets, shorts, and tracksuit bottoms in a collection for AW18, but here you do. You’re tempted, aren’t you? It’s a little bit out there, a little bit edgy. It could be you, walking out onto the Canary Wharf Powerleague wearing bright green, it really bloody could. 

Their use of stars, seen in SOPHNET’s previous collections, are consistent throughout their AW18 release as a nice little continuing theme and feature on many different pieces. The Balenciaga inspired all over print T-shirts, available in purple, green, black, and white are a must buy too. 

All images from the AW18 Lookbook which you can gawp at here. The collection, which is out now, is not yet on sale but all pieces can be viewed on their website here. 

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