adidas Predators. Preds. The ones you always, always wanted because the lad from your team that nutmegged you EVERY SINGLE TIME in training had them. You got your first pair and taped down the tongue and you felt magic. Like you were Beckham, you were Raúl, you were Stevie Fucking Gerrard. You were unstoppable.

With adidas bringing out the Team Mode pack this year, we’ve picked out our favourite Predators since their conception.

Predator: 1994—The original, the one that looked like it had actual claws down the side. Like actual Predator, from the film. Covered in rubber fins, it changed the way people played football. It made you believe you were the bollocks.

Predator Accelerator: 1998—Firstly, just look at it. Imagine not thinking you could outpace every left back you were up against when you were wearing these. They had actual go-faster stripes and those metal blades and they looked so, so, so, good.

Predator Mania: 2002—Zidane wore these scoring one of the greatest goals of all time. You wore them coaching your nephew’s u12s team. Pretty much the same.

Predator X: 2010—adidas went yellow for these. Dunno why, but they’re ace. They say PREDATOR right across the bit you’re meant to kick it with. Never allowed to take freekicks though, were you?

Team Mode: 2018—Back to the original red and black colourway. No laces, but who gives a shit when they look like that. You wear these down the Powerleague and do a single stepover and you’re Beckham in your garden again, you’re Stevie Fucking Gerrard. You’re about to score a hat-trick and absolutely no one is stopping you.

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