Juve, storia di un grande amore / Bianco che abbraccia il nero / Coro che si alza davvero, per te / Portaci dove vuoi.

Think back to when you used to beg your dad to let you change the channel to Football Italia when you were little. You loved watching Juventus play. Those little players in the white and black on the green. Or maybe when you saw Drake wearing that pink number and you thought you could pull it off. Or you saw the hardest lad in school wearing a Del Piero shirt and you wanted one. But you didn’t get one, did you? Silly.

You won’t be able to get one this season either. Since Cristiano Ronaldo joined, Juventus have sold out of their entire season’s worth of stock of replica shirts. According to Yahoo Italy, Juve received 520,000 orders for the shirt within 24 hours of CR7 being revealed as one of their players.

Italian paper Tuttosport reckons that sales from the first month alone mean Juve will have already trousered £5.8 million. With projected sales of £50–57 million by the end of the season should they continue at the same rate, they could basically buy the Queen after a no-deal Brexit next May.

Via Highsnobiety.

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