Buying new boots used to be crap, didn’t it? You’d try them on in the shop and look the absolute business. Shining and polishing them before you went to your first training with them on. Absolutely buzzing to show your mates. You lace them up, go for a warm up. Then, disaster. You’ve got a blister on the back of your foot, can’t even join in the game at the end. Gutted, mate.

Nike have changed all that now, by bringing out the PhantomVSN boot, one that’s match-ready out of the box. “We developed an internal Quadfit mesh bootie that conforms to fit most any foot, but retains its shape and will not overstretch”, says designer Phil Woodman. Quadfit performs well because it doesn’t have the stretch bias typically seen in woven materials. The four axes of fibres conform to the player’s foot and provide support in all directions. It works because of the unique fibre orientation as well as the separation between fibres; the gaps distribute the load of the foot and mitigate friction. The result is an incredible fit across a very broad spectrum of unique foot structures. It basically means you don’t have to wear these boots in the bath or to bed to make sure it fits right on your foot. Isn’t that well clever?

Nike have also designed a one-pull system on the laces, which means that you get an even tension distributed all over your foot. The laces can then be discreetly tucked away to provide an even striking surface. Which all means you don’t have to use tape to hide your laces any more, they’ve literally thought of everything.

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