We’ve been playing football a lot recently. We’ve won a few, taken a couple of absolute leatherings, and always go to the pub after. It’s nice. So, because we’re all falling asleep at night dreaming about scoring goals again, we’ve decided to enter Neymar Jr’s Five. It’s a mad fives tournament in association with Red Bull, with 10-minute games and no goalkeepers and every time you concede you lose a man. We’re in trouble. Big Trouble.

We’re also old, some of us really old, and we need two players between the ages of 18 and 25 to play for us and we would quite like that to be you and your mate. We need you to be good. Like, be able to do all the tricks and lots of running. We’re playing in Shoreditch on Thursday, March 22nd. We can’t pay for travel or accommodation but we will look after you, give you some free stuff, and make you the stars of our social.

Oh, and if you’re really good, we might qualify for the National Finals. And if you’re really, really, good, we might qualify for the World Final. That’s in Brazil, and it would be nice to go there, wouldn’t it?

So all you have to do is send us a video of you and a mate playing two touch and looking mustard. Tweet it to us with a message saying something like “here’s why me and my mate Kev should play for @mundialmag” and use the hashtag #playformundial. It’s like pray for Mundial. Because we’re old. And terrified of getting tied up in knots by 18-year-olds doing flip flaps.

Don’t forget the hashtag. Because if you do a really great video and we can’t find it, then it’s unlucky for you innit?

You can find out more about the tournament here…

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