Is it endearing, that we tell you every issue has nearly killed us and that it is also the best yet, or do you just want to send us a violin emoji? Anyway, it has, and it is, again, so feel free to play us a mournful tune as you scroll through the images above. 

We might’ve infuriated you by doing up to four covers an issue in the past, but we’ve never done two cover stars, and we couldn’t really think of a better pair to start with than Henry and Bergkamp. From the illustrated covers by Luke Dixon, to the incredible features by Harry Harris and Joel Golby, we reckon we’ve done them justice.

The rest of the issue is packed with nice things. Remarkable photography from Mozambique, James Bird getting biblical down Hackney Marshes, Sam Diss telling you all about his favourite free kicks of the last decade, Scott Oliver reminding us why Michael Laudrup was absolute mustard, and a preview shoot from MUNDIAL Japan. 

There’s more, loads more. We’ve added new bits to the front section, got Eni Aluko talking about goals, shed a tear for Djimi Traoré and remembered a time David Ginola covered his feet in butter. All in all, 116 pages we’re very proud of and can’t wait for you to read.

Just enough to keep you going until the 164 page monster we’re planning for the World Cup. That really might be the one that finishes us.

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