We tried to do a really complex long introduction about playing a 4-2-4 formation here, but have you ever actually read anything on those sites that talk about football tactics? Abysmal. There was something about Antonio Conte and Arsène Wenger, and how they’re different but the same. Lots of charts and diagrams. Hated it.

Anyway, Los Angeles streetwear boutique FourTwoFour have collaborated with our pals at hummel and come up with yet another incredible collection for 2018. “I wanted to show some love for the actual football kits that are worn on the pitch—and the clothes worn on the way to the pitch. That’s why you will find styles like the windbreaker and the track jacket” explained Guillermo Andrade, the lead designer at 424, “It’s a dream come true to work with hummel again. I have always dreamt of providing high level football kits at a decent price point and offer it to a bigger crowd, so people can obtain it. And this is the perfect collaboration for that.”

The collection will be launching in stores globally on 27th January, 2018 at 10:00 AM / CET. It is followed by campaign images shot in London by 424-collaborator Yesawi. If you like stuff like this, you’ll love our quarterly print magazine. You can subscribe to that here. It’s very good.