The best things in life are free/But you can give them to the birds and the bees/I need money/
Mmm, that’s what I want/Give me money, honey/That’s what I want

Your love give me such a thrill/But your love won’t pay my bills/I need money/Yes, that’s what I want
Give me money, honey/That’s what I want

Well, give me money (That’s what I want)/Whole lotta money (That’s what I want)/Mmm, money honey (That’s what I want)/I gotta have some money (That’s what I want)/Give me money, honey/That’s what I want, yeah…

The dynamic, exciting lads at Deloitte have released this year’s long-awaited Money League, which sees Manchester United crowned champions yet again. And that’s the real quiz. West Ham are inexplicably in the mix, with Everton, Napoli and Southampton also making the top 20. 

Dan Jones, a partner in Deloitte’s Sports Business group, said: “European football continues to flourish financially, with almost half a billion euro of revenue growth for the top 20 Money League clubs. United’s ability to retain first position is all the more impressive against the backdrop of the weakened pound against the euro, and with both Real Madrid and FC Barcelona forecasting further revenue growth in 2017/18, the battle at the top will likely come down to on-pitch performance again next year.”

That’s interesting, isn’t it. In a way.


Anyway look, here’s the league…

:: 1 Manchester United £581.2m
:: 2 Real Madrid 579.7m
:: 3 FC Barcelona £557.1m
:: 4 Bayern Munich £505.1m
:: 5 Manchester City £453.5m
:: 6 Arsenal £419m
:: 7 Paris Saint-Germain £417.8m
:: 8 Chelsea £367.8m
:: 9 Liverpool £364.5m
:: 10 Juventus £348.6m
:: 11 Tottenham Hotspur £305.6m
:: 12 Borussia Dortmund £285.8m
:: 13 Atletico de Madrid £234.2m
:: 14 Leicester City £233m
:: 15 Internazionale £225.2m
:: 16 Schalke 04 £197.8m
:: 17 West Ham United £183.3m
:: 18 Southampton £182.3m
:: 19 Napoli £172.5m
:: 20 Everton £171.2m

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