Look at them, there. Lovely blue tracksuits. Enough Brylcreem to submerge all of London. Helmut Schön dejected. The late great Jimmy Armfield moving in to hug Sir Alf, and Ron Flowers, Peter Bonetti, and England physiotherapist Harold Shepherdson cheering for joy. The manager is overwhelmed, the mastermind of England’s proudest footballing hour. Frozen.

Why wasn’t the photographer pointing his lens at the pitch? Because it was Gerry Cranham, and he did things differently. “It was the World Cup Final, I ended up shooting about 28 rolls!” he explained to us way back in Issue 001, “when the game was getting to the critical stage, again looking for something different, I went and photographed the benches, and at that moment the last goal was scored.

I got a bollocking from the editor for missing the last goal, but the one I shot ended up being a very famous picture, it certainly helped me in the long run career-wise.”

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