We’ve had a work experience lad in the last couple of weeks. He’s very loud, like a foghorn in nice trainers. Lives at home and spends his student loan on Comme des Garçons jackets and following Southampton home and away. Terrifying really. Like we’ve made a fully formed MUNDIAL Action Man. We really like him.

We got him to do a load of research on milestones, anniversaries, and birthdays so we can keep you entertained on social, and he’s missed fucking loads. Too busy moaning about the fact Edwin have stopped doing the jeans he likes, and that the korma he got from Brick Lane last night wasn’t very nice. He’s fit right in to be honest.

Today it was Iván Zamorano. Iván The Bloody Helicopter Zamorano. The maniac. Big headers. Ran around like a Tasmanian Devil. Sang the Chilean national anthem like his life depended on it. Scored an absolute truckload of goals for Sevilla, Real Madrid, and Inter and played up top with Laudrup, Ronaldo, Baggio, and Marcelo Salas. Nicknamed Bam Bam. Like him out of The Flintstones.

So we thought we’d give him a bit more than just a tweet. It is his birthday.

And we’re probably gonna hire the workie. Least we can do.

Real Madrid—some good kits in here.

Inter Milan—loads of headers.

That mad Chile anthem from France 98.

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