The organisers of next year’s World Cup have confirmed that fans will be allowed to fly rainbow flags at the tournament, despite Russian laws that prohibit the promotion and “propaganda” of homosexuality in Russia.

Russian World Cup ambassador and blink-and-you’ll-miss-him Chelsea legend, Alexey Smertin, has claimed that “there will definitely be no ban on wearing rainbow symbols in Russia. It’s clear you can come here and not be fined for expressing feelings. The law is about propaganda to minors … I can’t imagine that anyone is going to go into a school and speak.”

Thanks Alexey. We’ll make sure we don’t go into any schools and speak.

For more information on the decision follow The Independent’s excellent coverage of Russia 2018: The Most Political World Cup In History, and to see progress Stonewall are making in more enlightened countries towards equality for the LGBT community in sport head here.