Not many people have had a lasting impact on football to rival that of Johan Cruyff. The Dutch master reinvented the bustling, bruising game of the ’60s and early ’70s into the cerebral battle of wits and skill that we so often see at the highest level to this day. His impact is felt across the world and, from his native Holland and beloved Ajax to Catalonia, America,  and beyond, players are being created in his mould. His manner on the pitch, his look and his style have often been mimicked, but never bettered.

To celebrate the legacy of the man that gave them their name, Cruyff have taken a journey through Johan’s career with a collection of premium jerseys and track tops in his honour. From the iconic red and white of Ajax, through the Blaugrana of Barcelona and the controversy of his modified two-stripe Dutch jersey, to his arrival in America, the collection pays tribute to the clubs that made the Dutchman their own and allowed him to play the game his way.

Flick through the imagery above and shop the collection via the originators of Fútbol Lux here. Read more about handsome Johan and other players like him in our quarterly print magazine.