The Global Sports Salaries Survey has been released for 2017. That’s exciting, isn’t it? It’s got lots of stuff about basketball players in, but also reveals that the average Premier League salary is now £2,642,508—or £50,817 per week.

Barcelona, Paris St-Germain, and Real Madrid are the three football teams who sit alongside seven NBA teams to make up the top 10 earning sports franchises, whilst Manchester United and Manchester City pay the most money in the Premier League.

The £2.6m average for a Premier League player is more than double that of the German Bundesliga (£1.26m) and France’s Ligue 1 (£944,405), and after looking at women’s sport for the first time the study has found that average pay in the Women’s Super League in England is £26,752—around one-hundredth of the average in the Premier League and below the 2017 national average salary in the UK (£27,271.)

For more information on this year’s Global Sports Salaries Survey check out this handy BBC article. For more on women’s football pick up a copy of Issue 12 of MUNDIAL, in which we follow Yeovil Ladies on their quest to survive the FA proposal for the women’s game.