Referees are bad. This is objectively true. They’re not good. They failed their exam to be parking attendants and didn’t know what to do with all the little notebooks they had bought. They were forced into a life of dishing out muted bollockings and pointing to several areas of the pitch where you have done fouls before dramatically brandishing a card. The only time that referees have been good, actually, was that period when they had round cards for a bit. That was ace.

Are they biased though? Your Dad thinks so, and the fella who sits behind you at the match. The one with the rattle, and the scarf that he’s knitted himself. To put the debate to rest, the scientists at (strange name for a lab, I know) have created a handy app that shows you if a referee hates your team or not. You can give it a go below.

It turns out that Swansea have a 168.75% better chance of winning with Craig Pawson than any other match official. That’s interesting, isn’t it? In a way.

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